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June 7, 2015

      We are just returning from holding services at the Topeka Women's facilities.   These services were held  indoors because of threat of rain, but the crowds were still very large.  These services were all well recieved.  
There were ladies in the seats and standing up at both facilities we went to, and very few left during the  services.  

The group at the altar calls was very large, at one service it was hard to count how many ladies came forward.  There most have been a couple hundred come forward over a couple weeks time

     We also have been holding services at other facilities.  In March we were at the Ellsworth facilities for
 a couple nights and had really great services there. We also traveled to Winfield in April and had some
of the better services there we had in a long time.  

   Also, In just a few weeks we will be traveling to play music at the House of Jeremiah in Wichita.  It is ran
 by formely incarcerated men who are know working together at a Christian Coffeehouse.  What a wonderful
story .

October 4,2014
Thank you everyone for your patience as we begin to update our webpage. We have had a very busy year and recently held 4 services in Hutchinson minimum and medium facilities. We want to thank the staff of KDOC for making this possible. more than 200 inmates came forward for Jesus during this time. Many attended the services and enjoyed the music and the Word God brought through Tom. Tom and Randy are tremendous guitar players, always a blessing to hear them play..
We also visited other KDOC facilities this year which I will share with you in coming days. Thank you all for you support.
October 5,2014 Tom and Randy will take an anti-drug program to Haysville Middle School. Tom will play guitar and encourage the youth to consider taking up music, playing instrument and taking lessons, to occupy idle time. Randy is good at this, because he didn't start playing guitar until he was 15, his testimony is powerful to youth.
Also the kids will hear what it is like to be in prison. The inmates support this program, they don't want any of our youth to wind up in prison.
You can also support this ministry by contacting FREEDOM MINISTRIES in Iola Ks.
Thank you for your support.
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Thank you for visiting the Freedom Ministries website.  The information below tells a little about our recent events, and events
we have planned in the soon future.  Also, we have on this page pictures to view and on the other pages more information about what
Freedom Ministries is, and how it reaches out to many across the state with good new

December 2013
We hope everyone has a blessed new year!  We are just returning from having a service at the Topeka Women's Facility.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Our second service was cancelled due to the weather, but it was nice having a service for everyone there around the holiday season.

November 2013--
Just a few weeks ago we held the "Road to Freedom'' program at Humboldt, KS.  It was held at the High School; (and middle school kids also attended).  The program went well.  Students listened to video of inmates telling them to stay away from drugs and alcohol, and we told them to instead invest in music and school.  Tom and Randy performed songs on the guitar to show students they could invest in positive things  
We also had an evening program.  At the evening portion we music, prizes, and forteen students came forward at the altar call.  This was a success, thank you for your prayers.

October 2013
We are just recently returning from having our "Fresh Start Events" for the 15th year.   It made for a busy, but a great time.  We went all the way out to western Kansas at Norton, and came back to Larned for multiple services.  These were special services, one at Norton was much more than expected.   At the altar call we had nearly the entire group of inmates come forward (over a hundred guys-).  

We also a week later went to Hutchinson for a week of services.  We held services at all the units there and had hamburger feeds.  These to were great services.  Also, earlier in the month we were also allowed to have the first outdoor services of its kind at the Oswego facility.  These went very well, and we had many wonderful volunteers help.  The group "Rushing Wind" performed at one of the services. (a talented Christian rock group).  It was a great time. 

The Oswego facility opened its doors to more voluteers last year, and Freedom Ministries took the opportunity to help with bible studies.  With the help of faithful volunteers like Rev. Steve Traw, Joe Neal and Rev. Bevard there have been studies there this last year on almost a weekly basis

  June 2013

Just a few weeks ago we went to Topeka to the Women's Facility to hold multiple services, and to feed those who come out.  We held "Warm-up"  events one week  and returned two weeks later to hold "Main Events" (cooking events).  These services were very well attended; many had been looking  forward to attending. We had wonderful weather and the facility worked with us to have well planned out events. The crowds were excited to be a part   of the services, and were staying to hear the messages and for the altar calls.

 Also, we had good turnouts at services we held in April.   
In just a few weeks we
 held services at multiple facilitiesWe went out all the way to western Kansas at Norton, and came back to Hutchinson for services.  
At Hutchinson we held two nights of services in their gym.    
We also had a  good attendence at the Larned Juvenile, and Larned facilities for services
.   These services were well received.   Services at Winfield were also well attended.  We held two nights of services there and had a wonderful attendance. 

Along with the good weather and good services at Topeka and others, we are also joining in with some other fantastic volunteers to hold services  on a continual basis at the Oswego facility.  
These services have been being held since early in the year.  Keep us and other events in your prayers
 (see schedule on 2nd page for dates of other events)

We are also excited to announce that we have talked to the schools system at Humboldt about holding an event for the Road to Freedom later this fall.  
It looks like
this could be a great event for us and the students at Humboldt.

Keep us in 

your prayers!

also (
earlier this year)---   We also recently held a service at El Dorado.   It was extremely well recieved!  Chaplain Phelan invited Freedom Ministries to  its new Spiritual Life Center to hold the service.  The Center had been in the works for a few years, and now  had up to date sound equipment and room for all to enjoy services.   The excitement carried over to the service as talented musicians from the crowd joined in, and Chaplain Phelan helped sing!  Many responded to the altar call.  

more news below


Life Center



Start Events

Freedom Ministries seeing great results in 15th season of Fresh Start Events 

 Freedom Ministries will soon be traveling again as its focus swings back to the Fresh Start Events, held every year since 1998.  They have seen much success and involve lots of music, ministry, and altar calls.   They are held at nearly all the facilities in the state. 

Just recently we were at Hutchinson to hold a week of services.  They were held at all the different units and many came out

At one service more seats had to be added so there could be enough for everyone!  All the services went well and a great group of volunteers helped

We also traveled to hold services at the Lansing Facilities.  It was some of the best services we have had; almost the entire group came forward.   Many were saved in these services and in others recently also.  Even with the threat of rain at some of the services, many still came to listen.  At one of the services more seats had to be added so there could be enough for everyone!  All the services went well and a great group of volunteers helped. 

.                               above is a picture of a wonderful group of volunteers at Lansing

Earlier last year Freedom Ministries held a tent revival at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility.   This was a wonderful opportunity and a great time.  Inmates helped put the tent up and enjoyed the services.  Many who attended the 1st night brought friends the next night.  On the third night 5 were baptized in water.  Thank you for your prayers!

            Here is a picture of the tent at a Hutchinson event.

Freedom Ministries holds evangelistic events in the Kansas Prisons each year!  Many come out to hear the messages and at many of the facilities Freedom Ministries has been allowed to cook hamburgers for those in attendance.  Praise God!       read more click heading History-Evangelism (top of page)
Below is a picture of Judy VonFeldt and other volunteers.  She continues to do a great job as coordinator of Project Ser Free in Larned, Ks.  To read more click on its the heading at the top of the page.