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Freedom Ministries
 Thank you for visiting the Freedom Ministries website.  The information below tells a little about our recent events, and events 
we have planned in the soon future.  Also, we have on this page pictures to view and on the other pages more information about what 
Freedom Ministries is, and how it reaches out to many across the state with good new
It is our privilege to introduce you to Freedom Ministries. Under the direction of coordinator Rev. Tom Bevard, we have provided functions entitled "Fresh Start Events" to facilities of the Kansas Department of Corrections since 1998. By utilizing volunteers to do cookouts, provide music and ministry, we have been able to work closely with the correctional system in many beneficial ways. 

Freedom Ministries brings with it, a dedicated group of volunteers, a strong commitment to our work,  and a track record of reliability and good event planning.

Since 2001, Freedom Ministries has traveled to nearly every prison facility in the state every year and held Fresh start events, and to juvenile facilities as well with good results.

Director Tom Bevard started Freedom Ministries in 1998 taking the gospel message to three prisons in Kansas at the time.  Tom and several volunteers held services with music, ministry and outdoor barbeque for the inmates.  Large groups came forward at the altar calls with a hope for a Fresh Start and changed life through the gospel.



After a few years of great results and with the urging and backing of Secretary of Corrections Charles Simmons in 2001, Freedom Ministries began to take the gospel behind bars across Kansas to eight Prisons.  The results were great.  The prisons welcomed the good news and appreciated the hard work of Freedom Ministries and its volunteers.  

Over the years Freedom Ministries with the leadership of director Tom Bevard has developed great relationships in the Kansas Prisons and continues to see many come to the Lord each year with ministry events.  Joined by wife Lucille, son Randy and other volunteers across the state the ministry is one of the only ones allowed on the grounds to minister to many at a time.  

Sometimes very large groups are in attendance, drawn by the music and messages.  Jerry Taylor and Richard Olson from the Lawrence lead the cooking team.   

Freedom Ministries brings with them a dedicated group of volunteers, a strong commitment to their work, a sensitivity to security issues inherent in prisonoperations, and a track record or reliability, and good event planning.”– Roger Werholtz: Secretary of Corrections: Kansas Department of Corrections

 "The Prison system can’t do well in rehabilitating inmates and sending them back into society unless someone can change their hearts, and touch their souls.  Freedom Ministries work is a foundational part of the system, and my message to Tom Bevard and Freedom Ministries is “thank you for all you   do.” - Senator Derek Schmidt – Kansas Senate Majority Leader

Below is a picture of Rev. Tom Bevard and wife Lucy.  Tom is the director and founder of Freedom Ministries.  His passion, drive, and visionary work to reach the lost in Kansas are an example to many in the church and outside it.  It is his vision and desire to stay with it that have proven again and again that God is able to work in the prisons in Kansas.

 Freedom Ministries volunteers in serving line (below).  Much of the food is usually cooked by Freedom Ministries volunteers Jerry Taylor and Richard Olson from the Lawrence area.  Both them and their families have been a tremendous asset to the ministry.

Also, their are pictures of the truck , the tent and a mentoring meeting with Gov. Brownback.  

 Freedom Ministries serves at the forefront with evangelism and discipleship in our Kansas prison system.   Evangelism:   Fresh Start Events Cooking team, outdoor rally, music and the Gospel message highlight these popular events using large numbers of both willing and dedicated volunteers. Discipleship:   Project Set Free-/ Freedom Challenge-/& Oswego bible studies 3 Kansas prisons receive this ongoing & vital equipping outreach training.